Banzai X Pro



The newly launched Banzai X is effectively identical to the regular Banzai, except for the changed window material. As the name suggests, instead of Bi-Ply the Banzai X features X-Ply in itfs window. Other than that it is the same full throttle, explosive power, technical jump and maneuver World Cup performance wave sail.

X-Ply offers the same weight and feel of a clear window construction. The difference is increased durability through improved tear resistance. X-Ply film reinforced with dyneema yarns is incredibly tear resistant- the perfect body panel material for people looking for maximum durability.

Banzai X provides instant yet flexible power with very light handling alongside massive range in a wide variety of conditions. Equally at home in straight onshore wind and stormy surf, or brushed offshore reef break perfection. Banzai will give you the speed, control and confidence you need to push your performance level up. Banzai is designed to give you the power and neutral handling you need on the water, and the easy, reactive, finger-tip control you need in the air. Banzai also excels in wave style flat water/chop jump and maneuver sailing.

The Banzai X pairs with multi-fin and single-fin wave boards and matches best with the Custom Surfwave and One Freewave.

Recommended wave mast 90 Pro.
Optional flatwater and bump & jump mast 70 Pro.