Size Available
150 | 202

Francisco’s words: “With 150 and 202 liters this entry level family board is crafted to your personal needs. The focus of the Surf is a stable, fun and predictable ride. All riders will immediately feel at home on the Surf. From kids to heavier riders, from family members learning to windsurf to stand up paddle pioneers, these boards offer a steady ride and are being used in clubs and centers around the world. I have been using these boards with my family and friends for years, these shapes have proven to deliver smiles over and over.”

The Surf allows anyone a fast entry into the windsurfing feeling and permits every rider to keep improving on the same board. Learning to get in the straps, jibe, trim upwind or race downwind. A balanced board for beginners that can also be turned into one of the most used boards in the quiver of advanced riders. A wide & short fin helps first time water starts in shallow sections while still maintaining enough fin area once you are planing. Additionally, the fully retractable Allgaier? dagger board offers the best of both worlds. You can choose to either have it tucked away inside the board while riding or have it down for first time riders or even trimming upwind on lighter days.


Clever details. Helpful Inno-
vations. Stylish elements.

The Construction
ECO uses a combination of wood double sandwich, our number one renewable resource, and biaxial glass where stability dictates it. This construction incorporates our latest performance research to create a strong, light and very smooth feeling board at an attractive price.

Range Of Use
All Riders Welcome. Make this your number one family board and you can be sure that all weekend long everyone will have their best time trying new things and enjoying the essence of our sport.

The Fins
The Surf comes with its own tailored Goya Surf fin. See All Fins

The Straps
The new MFC straps that come with this board are extremely luxurious, with a thick and quality neoprene and a soft inner sole. They reselmble nothing your feet have felt before. See All Features

The Pads
The Surf comes with a full deck pad for improved traction and smooth comfort. In additin the Surf offers a generous thicker and grooved pad zone in all areas that allow for footstrap placement as well as an integrated nose guard. See All Features


More Drive. More Speed.
More Airtime.



The Goya Surf comes with its own fin that is specifically tailord to work at its best with the Allgaier? dagger board in supplying supreme stability and ease of use for all beginner and fun applications. Should a more dynamic board be aspired, this fin can of course easily be replaced with any Powerbox fin.

We recommend using performance fins by MFC.

Fixed size 34cm