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85 | 95 | 105

Francisco’s words: “Freewave airtime coupled with Thruster torque. Imagine turning and sliding with all new angles and speed. This is the magic of the new One Thrusters. These new shapes turn average onshore conditions into carving paradises. They spark creativity and ignite maneuvers that may not even exist yet because the new One can travel paths on real world waves that simply haven’t been traveled before.”

The new One is slightly shorter in combination with a higher entry. the result is an increased range of not only conditions but also styles, especially when switching between the fin set ups. These boards will feel at home anywhere as long as it’s water you put them into. The versatility that these boards offer with the change of fins is a great advantage, you can really explore all the possibilities of these new shapes within a minute.


Clever details. Helpful Inno-
vations. Stylish elements.

The Construction
PRO is our most advanced build, combining light weight, crisp feel and excellent durability all into one lay-up. Driven by the worldwide, year round research and passion of our team and customers, The Pro Construction evolves and improves constantly. The result is the best weight s with the least warranty issues in the industry. All Pro boards come in distinct colors and a lightly sanded finish.

Range Of Use
All Riders Welcome. The One caters to all levels of experience and all types of conditions. Within the One Range you will find the right board for all windsurfing situations.

The Fins
The One 85 comes with an MFC TF thruster fin set while the 95 and 105 come with an MFC 211 center fin that can instantly be turned into a thruster setup if desired. See All Fins

The Straps
The new MFC straps that come with this board are extremely luxurious, with a thick and quality neoprene and a soft inner sole. They reselmble nothing your feet have felt before. See All Features

The Pads
The new Vary Dens™ pads come with tapering thickness levels, offering maximum comfort under your heels and toes, while merely delivering outstanding traction in areas less traveled. See All Features


More Drive. More Speed.
More Airtime.



This fin offers a new concept in fin design developed by MFC and Francisco Goya. The material chosen is G10. The fins are CNC designed and machined by a high precision milling machine. The profile is an evolution of the 2008 model with the maximum draft position moved to 38% due to a thickness increase. In fact this year we had to increase the profile thickness by 0.7mm to allow the G-10 to work in the best way for the best performances in wave riding maneuvers, early planning and upwind performance. This particular model has a unique and distinguished concept where in the bigger sizes the fin becomes straighter in the outline and rake and faster in the profile.

Available from 20,5cm to 31cm

Francisco Goya on

On all One shapes (Vee & Double Concave) I run the deepest section of the Double Concaves through the stance diminishing to the tail and mast track. I also run the double concave through the front of the mast track for various reasons, on the performance level they brake the chop/soften the ride while bringing air (reduce wet area) to the the bottom below the mast track and front straps and I reduce them through the tail to bring more crispiness and power to the tail area that is what you would want when riding on light winds or larger sails, which is a raceboard practice.

On the structural side, all concaves and double concaves add longitudonal strength and integrity to the rocker line through the bending of the glass, without increasing weight.